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Chitwan Chepang Hill Trails - 6 days

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6 days
Max. Elevation
Group size
All ground transportation as per itinerary.
Best Season
Autumn/ Spring
Homestay at Chepang Hill Trail/ Chitwan Park Cottage (Chitwan National Park)
3 Meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) 2 days package in Chitwan National Park.
Starts at
Ends at
Trip Route
Kathmandu-Hugdi-Hattibang-Jyandala Siraichuli-Saktikhor-Sauraha Chitwan National Park


The Chitwan Chepang Hill Trails nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Chitwan, Nepal, offer a truly immersive trekking experience off the usual tourist path. These trails wind through the heart of Chepang villages, providing travelers with a rare opportunity to delve into the authentic culture and lifestyle of the Chepang people.
As you embark on the Chepang Hill Trails you'll be greeted by verdant hillsides adorned with lush forests, terraced fields, and panoramic vistas stretching as far as the eye can see. The trekking routes meander through remote Chepang settlements, where traditional bamboo and thatch houses dot the landscape, and villagers warmly welcome visitors with genuine hospitality.
Trekking along the Chepang Hill Trails isn't just about traversing scenic landscapes; it's also a journey of cultural discovery. You'll have the chance to interact closely with Chepang communities, gaining insights into their age-old customs, rituals, and daily way of life. From participating in cultural ceremonies to sampling local cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from the surrounding forests and fields, every moment on these trails is infused with cultural authenticity.
Moreover, trekking on the Chepang Hill Trails is a sustainable travel experience that directly benefits local communities. Accommodations typically involve homestays with Chepang families, providing an enriching opportunity for cultural exchange while supporting grassroots tourism initiatives.
In essence, the Chepang Hill Trails offer not just a trekking adventure, but a transformative journey that connects travelers with the soul of rural Nepal, leaving indelible memories and forging lasting bonds with the resilient and welcoming Chepang people.

Important Note

It's important for you to carefully review the inclusions and exclusions provided by Nepal Everest Adventures and clarify any uncertainties before booking the Everest Base Camp Trek. Additionally, you should consider your personal preferences, budget, and specific needs when before your trip booking.

Trip Itinerary

Drive from Kathmandu to Hugdi: Start your journey from Kathmandu and drive to Hugdi by tourist bus, which is the starting point of the Chepang Hill Trails. The drive takes approximately 3-4 hours.

Begin Trek from Hugdi: Start your trek from Hugdi and hike uphill through dense forests and terraced fields, enjoying the scenic views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Overnight Hattibang in a Homestay: Arrive at a Chepang village and stay overnight in a homestay, experiencing the warm hospitality and culture of the Chepang people.

Next Day, After breakfast, continue your trek through Chepang villages, interacting with locals and learning about their traditional way of life.

Explore the Surroundings: Spend the day exploring the natural beauty of the area, which includes lush forests, panoramic views, and unique flora and fauna.

Overnight in a Homestay: Stay overnight in another Chepang village, immersing yourself in the local culture and enjoying traditional Chepang cuisine.

Trek to Shaktikhor: Weakup Early in the morning  and climb Siraichuli for Sunrise View over the Himalaya. After breakfast, trek downhill to Shaktikhor, the end point of the Chepang Hill Trails. Driveby auto  to Sauraha Chitwan National Park.

During the trek Safari, you'll have the opportunity to witness the stunning landscapes, encounter diverse wildlife, and learn about the rich culture and traditions of the people.

This two Days you will touring in the National Park: Jungle walk, Village tour, Elephant Safari, Culture Programe.

Last day of the tour you will drive back by touist bus to Kathmandu.

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    • Private Car/Tourist Bus to Hugdi and Back Chitwan to Kathmandu. Guide
    • Accommodation in Chepang Hill Trails homestay/Chitwan National Park Cottage,

Doesn't Include

    • Meals, Insurance and flights fare.


    • Available Route Map.

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